Why are we here?

Nurses are on the front lines of the rapidly evolving U.S. healthcare system. An aging population, expanding medical knowledge and changing healthcare delivery models have created a demand for well-educated nurses able to lead in a dynamic environment; making nursing the fastest-growing job market in the U.S.

To meet the demand, students are flocking to nursing programs and working nurses are returning to school. Advanced study and specialization is encouraged because it allows professionals to acquire the necessary skill sets and knowledge to fill emerging, important roles. In a sea of educational choices, our goal is a simple one:

Why is getting a master’s in nursing important?

In response to the declining health of Americans, the National Institute of Medicine issued a pivotal 2010 report calling for working nurses to seek higher education in the field, returning to school if necessary. Noting the same trends, the American Journal of Medical Quality published a study demonstrating a nursing shortage predicted to last through 2030. The need for nurses is undeniable. A master’s in nursing teaches advanced skills suited to leadership positions. Whether you’re starting from scratch or considering returning to school to beef up your education, welcome! The nursing profession is waiting.